Our Green Philosophy

Our Green Philosophy

Going green is more than a trend for us. It’s part of our mission, part of who we are as an organization.  We believe in using safer products that don’t harm our natural environment or compromise the health of the people who use them.

Using products that are safer for the air and the surfaces you clean or that reduce energy consumption is just as important to us as is a reliable, effective product.  Clean environments are possible with green, earth friendly products. And when you purchase a green product from Liberty Enterprises, we’re there to provide you with the hands-on help you need to ensure your environment is as clean as it was before you made the switch.

When you make the switch from traditional cleaning products to Liberty’s Enviro Care® line and other green products, you can be confident knowing that the change has a direct impact on the health of the people in your organization and the environment.

Keeping your staff, building occupants, visitors and the environment healthy isn’t too much to ask. And it’s possible when you partner with Liberty to establish a Green Housekeeping program. Contact us today to learn more.

Green Philosophy. Green Results.

Monroe County has saved approximately $25,000 during the first year of this partnership by switching from conventional cleaners to green products. Concentrated green cleaners have enabled the County to:

  • Decrease its annual use of 13,000 cleaning bottles to 630
  • The dispensing system has reduced product usage by 30%
  • Improve air quality for county works
  • Decrease waste

 "As part of Monroe County’s ongoing efforts to adopt sustainable practices, the County selected Rochester Midland Corporation as a partner in providing green cleaning products for our County-owned facilities. We selected Rochester Midland … because of the positive environmental and health impacts their products have on our workers and the community. By doing business with a local company, we are keeping jobs in the community, protecting our natural environment, and saving money for the taxpayers of Monroe County."                

                                                                                                                     --Maggie Brooks, Monroe County Executive, Rochester, New York


*Rochester Midland Corporation and Liberty Enterprises have a strategic partnership in the manufacturing of the Enviro Care line of products