Skin Health & Hygiene

The world has learned that disrupting the spread of germs like H1N1 and other flu viruses means being proactive. With proper hand washing and antibacterial agents such as hand sanitizers, we've already come a long way towards healthier employees and less work time lost.

But to stay ahead of infection, the world must keep innovating.

Liberty is working to bring a green certified hand sanitizer to market in the coming months. This hand sanitizer will meet the EcoLogo™ standard for environmental leadership and performance, will be made with 100% naturally renewable ethanol, and be both fragrance and dye free. Using a natural hand sanitizer reduces environmental impacts and does not introduce toxins to the environment. Additionally, Liberty offers a variety of essential commercial health and body products, including lens cleaning towelettes, hand/hair dryers, razors, antibacterial lotion/hand soap, shampoo and body wash.

As you go through the following product pages, please contact us with any questions you may have on a product. We look forward to partnering with you to create cleaner, healthier environments. At Liberty, clean and green go hand in hand.