Janitorial Equipment & Supplies

Sanitary environments to live, work and play in are a top priority for cleaning professionals. At Liberty Enterprises, we deliver top of the line green and natural products keeping things sanitary while simultaneously introducing fewer toxins to your environment.

As building maintenance makes the switch to green products, Liberty Enterprises is your partner in ensuring you maintain effective cleaning practices. As your staff begins to use new products, we provide training and support materials to ensure that products are used to their fullest potential.

Our OGS approved Enviro Care green line and other products provide you with a large variety of floor care and hard surface cleaners, degreasers, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, air care products and equipment to choose from.

As you go through the following product pages, please contact us with any questions you may have on a product. We look forward to partnering with you to create cleaner, healthier environments. At Liberty, clean and green go hand in hand.