Liberty Fireshield

Burn Process

One of the newest product's to the Liberty product line is the Liberty Fireshield. In conjunction with another New York State company called International Fireshield, We have partnerned up to not only create jobs, but also to save lives.


Fire kills and harms thousands of people every year in teh US alone.  It is estimated that fire departments respond to an average of 371,700 residential fires annually.


International Fireshield was founded in 1984 in Auburn, New York.  They have developed a revolutionary Inspection Tracing Process to help maintain a process to ensure fire safety.


Liberty fills and sells the product that is used to apply to the structure to help prevent the spread of the fire.


As you can see from the images to your right, the treated building takes much longer to be engulfed with flames than an untreated buidling.


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