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Liberty Clean


Liberty Clean Product Line


Saving the environment from 6 empty plastic bottles per package 


Liberty Enterprises is manufacturing and packaging a new brand of products called Liberty Clean.  Liberty Clean is nontoxic, phosphate free, and is comprised of bio-based ingredients.

The product is ready to use in the large chamber and a concentrated product in the smaller chamber.  After the large chamber is empty, simily follow the three step pictogram found on the back label to refill the bottle. This can be done a total of six times before purchasing another bottle.

The product is fragrance free and does not leave any streak markings when applied correctly.

Packaged in a perforated container printed on all four sides.  Container can be used as a merchandiser in any store taking up a very little footprint.

Product hanging tag can be removed by customer after purchase.


Bottle Size: 21 FL OZ (147 FL OZ TOTAL)


Current Product Line includes: Glass Cleaner, Multi Purpose, and degreaser.

Glass Cleaner - USDA Certified Biobased Product: 87%

Multi Purpose - USDA Certified Biobased Product: 60%


Manufactured & Packaged in Amsterdam, NY, 12010