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In support of one of Liberty ARC's non-profit mission points, to empower individuals with disabilities through vocational and supported employment to achieve a quality of life each person values, Liberty Enterprises nurtures individuals by providing a work environment that fosters opportunities and excellence for the people we support and the customers we serve.

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One of the core values of our organization is sustainability. Liberty Enterprises' Enviro Care® line and green products are certified by third party, independent organizations. These certifications are signs of our long-term commitment to environmental stewardship and our dedication to being a sustainable partner with our customers.

When looking at our green products there will be one of two certifications that can be found as an indicator that it's environmentally friendly.

EcoLogo™ is one of the industry's most respected certifications. It represents a holistic approach in regards to the impact the products have on the environment.

Green Seal®, the mark of environmental responsibility, says that the product has been tested according to science-based procedures, that it works as well or better than others in its class, and that it has been evaluated without bias or conflict of interest.

For more detailed information and an outline of these standards, please visit:  

Liberty Enterprises strives to provide its customers with the assurance that our green products meet stringent environmental standards.

New York State Purchasing Solutions

The New York State Industries for the Disabled (NYSID) Preferred Source Vendor program provides the ability for any state agency or sub-division to purchase products and services, without the need for extensive RFP's. If you are a New York State Agency or subdivision, this allows you to acquire any of our products without having to perform the costly and time consuming bid proposal process. For your convenience, in addition to Liberty's products, all of your purchasing requirements can be fulfilled at NYSID's one stop shop location: